Root Canal Surgery Berkshire

Have you been recommended root canal surgery in Berkshire?

More often than not, people tend to dread the words Root Canal. It’s something that is known for being unpleasant, but it’s also something that can save your teeth and gums from becoming infected and more painful. If you’ve been told you need to book a root canal in Berkshire, we’re the people to help.

At Friar Street Dental we are here to provide a helpful, honest and professional service that puts your mind at ease. We appreciate that a root canal can be an unwanted procedure, but if you’re experiencing severe pain or infection, a root canal can drastically improve the situation.

With over 60 years’ worth of experience helping patients with various dental concerns, you can rely on us to make sure your treatment is affordable and hassle-free.

Our team will take the time to talk you thought the procedure before anything goes ahead, to ensure you are well informed and ready to go ahead. When you visit our clinic, you can feel comfortable with our warm, welcoming waiting room and caring staff.

Find out more through our website or enquire about a booking via our contact form, or call the practice on 0118 957 3668.

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