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Smile with pride with our white fillings in Reading

The purpose of fillings, which are necessary for many people at different points in their lives, is to simply stop the spread of tooth decay. Silver fillings were popular in the past, but they are visible when the mouth is open or when someone smiles. These days, white fillings are the more preferred option because they look more natural and blend in with the teeth.

White fillings are our area of expertise at Friar Street Dental in Reading

The white filling, also referred to as a composite filling, is a composite material made of glass and plastic that is used to restore teeth that have decayed. People who want to alter the colour or shape of their teeth can also use it for cosmetic procedures. As a result of the composite's bond to the tooth, the remaining tooth structure is supported, reducing the risk of breakage and further damage.

When making an appointment, you can learn more about all of the other dental services and cosmetic procedures we offer in addition to white fillings. Call the clinic right away at 0118 957 3668 to make an appointment, or use the steps on our website.

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